Back to blogging!

I'm not old enough (quite) to be officially self-isolating, but I might as well be, because most of the things I do during a normal week have been shut down. No church, no choir practice, no garden club, no craft club, no Pilates class, no pub lunches.
I don't want you to think I'm complaining. I'm lucky to live in an area that, so far, has a relatively low coronavirus infection rate. I want to keep well, because my mother, who is 90, and my stepmother Diane, who has had chemotherapy and two operations to remove tumours, are relying on me and my sisters for support in these crazy times.
We lost my father in May 2019, so Diane has been coping both with his loss and with her own illness.
My mother was very ill, and in and out of hospital in December, so the past few months have been quite stressful.
Coronavirus, despite its challenges and the changes it has made to the way we live, has reminded me that I began blogging because my husband was ill with non-Hodgkins Disease, and I wanted to talk to people about gardening without actually leaving the house.
So, I'm back to blogging.
I run the garden club in the village where I live, so it could be that this blog may become a forum for neighbours who are self-isolating, and for whom the garden is a very welcome distraction from the monotony of life without much neighbourly interaction. If that's the case, fantastic.
I am still hoping to open my garden for the National Garden Scheme on Sunday 5 July, or failing that, on the evening of Sunday 30 August. Whatever happens, I will have absolutely no excuse to have the garden looking anything but perfect.
Currently, I'm waiting - after a long wet winter - for the blossom to emerge on the cherry trees, the amelanchier (that's serviceberry to American friends), the magnolia and the hawthorn. Watch this space!


Lisa Wagner said…
I hope all will be well with you and your family. Gardening is such a wonderful community of folks. Your post describes that well. I was reminded by seeing your post pop up in my news feed, what a wonderful connection my garden blogging friends (my primary FB group) are, especially now.

I look forward to hearing how your garden unfolds in the spring season ahead. I’m hoping to scoot out safely and get more potting mix, organic, fertilizer, and a few more transplants for my spring veggie garden, practicing social distancing as I can. I’ve just refreshed the raised beds in any case, so It’s fine, regardless.
Rock rose said…
Welcome back. Looking forward to seeing spring in your garden.
We here across the pond are in a similar situation. Lots of hunkering down and with decent weather right now, doing lots of gardening. Take care.
Anne Wareham said…
So sorry to hear your news. You've already been having hard times. But good to be hearing from you and in touch in this, our once again best way. Reminds me of Jane Austen and those longed for letters from people too far away to see much, but without their interminable waiting. And we are so lucky to have our gardens. XXX
Glad you're back. Praying for health and well being for your family. Gardening is such a stress reliever and I am so grateful to have a big garden as a distraction.
petoskystone said…
Swiftest healing for your Mom & Stepmother! Condolences on the loss of your Father. Looking forward to reading about your garden.

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