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The happy hum of bees in blossom

We’ve had wonderful blossom this year, possibly because March and April were so mild. There was no frost to kill the buds (although the wood pigeons tried to make up for that by eating them). I have two ornamental cherries in the front part of my garden. There is a pink one, which comes into flower first, and this one (above), which is a creamy white. One of my neighbours thinks it might be Tai-haku, or the Great White Cherry, but I'm not sure. What is certain, however, is that it looks absolutely fantastic this year.  These pictures were taken about 7pm, in evening sunshine which makes the tree look slightly pinker than it actually is. What I can't show you is the sound of bees feeding on the blossom. It's a sort of Happy Hum. I've often wondered if bees like music, or at least respond to the different frequencies of musical notes. I do hope so. I now have my own hive, but I know virtually nothing about looking after bees. If all else fails, I though