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Bibury Gardening Club photographic competition: the results are in!

We asked our members to submit pictures of their gardens this summer – the Summer of Lockdown. Originally, there were three categories: single flower or plant, container, or general view of the garden. Sadly, we didn't have many entries, so we combined the categories and asked Bibury resident Glynis Cox, a photographic stylist, to do the judging. The photographs were sent to Glyn without any identification apart from a simple tag (white clematis, rose arch etc) so that we could both be sure we were talking about the same picture when Glyn came to select the winners. First, Glyn and I both wanted to make general points about photographing your garden.  1 Try to get the light right. Low sunshine is better than midday sunshine, so in high summer go out early in the morning or in the evening. The picture below was taken in late summer, in the afternoon, so the sun catches the drifts of flowering grasses and makes them glow. 2 A professional garden photographer once told me: "Your