Spring has sprung at Awkward Hill

The weather is warm enough for short-sleeved gardening, or drinking a cup of tea on the terrace...

There are primroses (the native variety, Primula vulgaris)...

There are tulips ('Purissima') and multi-headed Roman hyacinths ...

There are daffodils and daisies ...

There is blossom on the ornamental cherries, the amelanchiers and the Magnolia stellata ...

Rufus is enjoying the sunshine in the garden ...

And there are new-born lambs in the field next door...

I think we can safely say that spring has arrived.


  1. Beautiful. The garden is looking absolutely delightful, white blossom is my favourite. I am bringing on a small white magnolia and a white camellia as well at the moment.

  2. Yea for Spring! Elderly Charlsie-pup is done with snow covering His Ground & Grand #3, Youngest Rainbow, is ready to wear summer dresses.

  3. Yay for spring! I'm intrigued by your Amelanchier - I've tried to grow one without success and put it down to my limey soil. Perhaps it was my lack of skills instead.

    1. Hmm, Val Bourne says they don't like limey soil, but mine seem OK (so far!). Did you buy it when it wasn't in leaf? It might have been stressed in the garden centre or nursery.

  4. PS I've had a giggle at all the 'yellow car' coverage the past few days. I wonder what the good folk of Bibury make of it all?

    1. Mixed feelings! They like the idea of people being supportive but they also worry that the publicity might lead to more vandalism.

  5. Just beautiful Victoria. It all makes me feel so homesick for the English spring. I remember well the hedgerows of primroses and watched GW today with Carol Klein talking about that plant. You have made a fabulous garden.


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