So, Awkward Hill...

It's a strange name, isn't it? Awkward Hill is a very steep hill, rising abruptly from the River Coln. You can quite see why it's called "Awkward" - it's a sort of blip or bump right in the middle of Bibury.
If you go down the other side, the lane is called Hawkers Hill, as in hawker, or pedlar. I keep meaning to look into this, to discover whether Hawkers Hill is a corruption of Awkward Hill, or whether Awkward Hill is a corruption of Hawkers Hill.
If anyone knows where the name comes from, I'd love to hear from you. When I decided to move to Bibury, my family thought the name was hilarious. It was even suggested that I use the blogging name Awkward Cow. But I think not.


  1. I am so excited for your new adventure. May the rains be soft and your garden grow abundantly.~~Dee

  2. I've felt so awkward not commenting on your blog until the contracts were exchanged ;)

    It's so lovely to be able to do so at last. Looking forward to welcoming you to Gloucestershire to be a relatively near neighbour :)

  3. Fantastic - hope you enjoy the new adventure

  4. It could be the name of your blog though.

    Best wishes for the move and new way of life and everything.


  5. Such a wonderful idea and what an adventure you'll have. xo

  6. That's family for you ... your friends know you are anything but! I am so danged excited for you. There must be something in the recent planetary alignment, so many of my friends are moving!

  7. Wishing you every happiness in your new home and for your new adventure - how exciting!

  8. Having remembered the Awkward Hill bit, and congratulating you in my mind on choosing a name early in the alphabet, I couldn't find it in my reading list. Long way round via your back yard - oh. Tales! I need a memory draught.

  9. Loved your piece in the paper, you write so beautifully, hope you will have more time for writing now you are not in charge of sorting out the news... :-) xxxxx

  10. Vicky, how wonderful to begin a new chapter in your life and of course a challenging garden. I remember your garden well in London, your green fingers will certainly be put to the test. Do send your address, I do hope we can meet up for tea in the garden.
    Sue Maude

  11. someone from Tetbury has been reading my blog, Google tells me that is 17 miles from your Bibury ... I wonder.

    I am so longing to read about you starting a new garden. Wonderful to see the concepts and ideas developing, happening and growing. What lurked in your mind, unsuited to a completed London garden, and you can now tackle with aplomb, delight and joy?


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