Things that p*** me off: No 1

This is probably the first in a LONG series of rants. To keep them under control, I shall confine them, dear readers, to gardening issues.
I went to a local branch of Wyevale Garden Centres yesterday, to buy some New Horizon peat-free compost. I'm not a huge fan of Wyevale because I think their plants are overpriced, but they do sell New Horizon, so that lures me in.
I was not surprised to find they were having a sale - most garden centres have some sort of price-cutting event towards the end of the summer.
What did surprise me was the "SALE" sign above the larger alpine pots, stating that they were £4 each, or £10 for three.
Wyevale ALWAYS sell their alpines like this (the smaller ones cost something like £2.50, and you can buy five for £10.) What made this a "SALE"?
I asked an assistant (poor woman), who said that it was perfectly legal to call it a "sale" because for the previous month, they had not had the "three for £10" offer. This complied, she said, with consumer legislation.
That may be so, I said, but it didn't comply with the spirit of making people feel they were intelligent, valued customers.
I didn't want to give the poor sales assistant a hard time about something that was not in her power to change (it never is in their power to change anything, is it?), so I went off muttering under my breath.
What is the point of this sort of thing? It made my opinion of Wyevale drop a few more points, and made me less likely to shop there. Is that good business?
Perhaps this attitude has something to do with the fact that Wyevale is being broken up and sold off. In which case, I hope that whoever buys this particular branch will think harder about how to make their customers feel happy.


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