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Things that p*** me off: No 1

This is probably the first in a LONG series of rants. To keep them under control, I shall confine them, dear readers, to gardening issues.
I went to a local branch of Wyevale Garden Centres yesterday, to buy some New Horizon peat-free compost. I'm not a huge fan of Wyevale because I think their plants are overpriced, but they do sell New Horizon, so that lures me in.
I was not surprised to find they were having a sale - most garden centres have some sort of price-cutting event towards the end of the summer.
What did surprise me was the "SALE" sign above the larger alpine pots, stating that they were £4 each, or £10 for three.
Wyevale ALWAYS sell their alpines like this (the smaller ones cost something like £2.50, and you can buy five for £10.) What made this a "SALE"?
I asked an assistant (poor woman), who said that it was perfectly legal to call it a "sale" because for the previous month, they had not had the "three for £10" offer. This com…